How BitGet Insider Job Messed up $GPTG Listing

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6 min readJun 20, 2023

Hello Guru Community, we’d like to have your attention to a very important update and news that we believe to must share with our community.

As all of you know that $GPTG was listed on BitGet & MEXC centralized exchanges on 9th June, 10 AM UTC. Despite having everything planned and working professionally for a successful listing of $GPTG, unfortunately, the listing of $GPTG didn’t go great as per expectations and plan.

What Messed up $GPTG Listing?

We as a team of professionals find it very important and mandatory to update our community with everything because it’s a trust bond that we won’t compromise on. We’d like to inform our community that BitGet is directly involved in ruining the whole listing of $GPTG on 9th June, 10 AM UTC. However, MEXC’s technical issue also affected the listing of $GPTG as well.

How BitGet is Involved in Ruining $GPTG Listing?

$GPTG listing price was set at $0.0035, however at the time of listing BitGet has listed $GPTG at 24x higher price than its listing price which is around $0.084 led to a big red candle to make it a ruined and messed up launch of $GPTG as you can see in the screenshot proof given below.


Upon inquiring more about how it happened, we figured out that it was BitGet’s own team who was responsible for messed up $GPTG listing. Not only that, the BitGet team itself admitted to GPT Guru’s CEO about an insider job from within the BitGet team.


Here is the proof below where they admitted and said that they working on to fix.

After days, they’ve fixed charts when BitGet already took benefit from their Insider Job. Besides admitting the insider job from the BitGet team, they’ve also informed us that they’ve fired all the staff who was involved in the insider job in BitGet but of course that doesn’t help GPT Guru in any way.

For team GPT Guru, this insider job by BitGet not only caused financial loss but also affected the whole reputation of the GPT Guru project in the market. After everything opened up and exposed, team GPT Guru asked BitGet to do a refund and also to compensate the whole Guru community but BitGet has informed team GPT Guru that they’ll be compensating the users only who suffered a loss during trading on BitGet.

After admitting all of the insider job in BitGet, declining the refund request to team GPT Guru, and giving a compensation offer to the Guru community, a representative of BitGet even deleted the message of the compensation offer that he had sent to GPT Guru’s CEO. However, the message was already forwarded by the GPT Guru CEO to the GPT Guru x BitGet telegram group as proof for all the members’ acknowledgment.


As you can see Salman (CEO GPT Guru) has forwarded the message from his private chat with BitGet’s representative for everyone’s acknowledgment including our market maker GotBit’s members.


As you can see this specific portion of the listing contract with BitGet, it is clearly mentioned the listing price would be $0.0035 when listed on BitGet. Instead of giving compensation, BitGet even started asking free marketing $GPTG tokens after 48 hours of listing so they can dump the token even more. USDTs were already given to BitGet so team GPT Guru didn't release any free marketing tokens, put all on hold, and asked BitGet for compensation for the GPT Guru’s community.

Long story short, the whole insider job from within BitGet has caused not only financial loss but also a very bad hit to GPT Guru’s reputation.

How MEXC Technical Issue Affected $GPTG Listing?

As you all know that $GPTG listing was scheduled on 9th June, 10 AM UTC on MEXC exchange as well. In the first 3 mins of $GPTG listing on the MEXC exchange, the people weren’t even able to put their buy orders for $GPTG as this technical issue from MEXC led people to have losses during trading.


Proof for Statement from GotBit (GPT Guru’s Market Maker) for team MEXC ⬇️

“In the picture, you can see several long breaks in trading which is abnormal for a launch of this sort. We remember this to be a technical issue or any other type of involvement from the MEXC side as we were also trying to buy the sell orders using several different UIDs during the break and we faced an error. After 18:01:41 SG time, everyone could buy and there were a lot of trades per 1 second made which implies on any kind of technical issues from MEXC side faced by users. “

GotBit which was GPT Guru’s market maker has provided the proof with all the details to the MEXC team but we haven’t got any detailed and satisfactory response from the team MEXC.


An insider job from BitGet has caused a big financial loss to GPT Guru in terms of a $300,000 refund in the public round and a $150,000 refund in the KOL round. If we didn’t have to refund $450,000, then team GPT Guru would’ve already refunded more KOLs who asked personally without the portal and also we would’ve paid the 10% promised compensation as well. We still promise to pay the 10% of compensation to KOLs but we’ll be able to do that only if BitGet or MEXC refunds the listing fees we paid.

All IDO participants who have opted for a refund have been refunded already. Regarding KOLs, all the KOLs who have opted for a refund have been refunded whereas KOLs will be also compensated 10% for their content posting only if GPT Guru receives compensation from BitGet or MEXC.

Legal Action

Team GPT Guru has asked BitGet for compensation, team BitGet has offered compensation for users’ loss but later on, they deleted their own message. However, team GPT Guru will wait a few days, if we still won’t get compensated as offered by BitGet then team GPT Guru will opt for legal options to proceed with this matter. Team GPT Guru is already in discussion with legal teams to proceed in a court of law.

We are a team of professionals and we want to assure our Guru community that we’ll keep continuing to work with the same commitment and pace as we’ve committed with our community to bring all professional and new AI-powered earning features. Besides $GPTG Staking, some very innovative and extraordinary AI features are coming your way.


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